I meet with lots and lots of clients for their wedding and I get lots of questions.  The thing I hear most often from my clients was “meeting with you was so simple” and my response to that is always the same, “it should be simple”.

There are some simple steps and things to look for in your florist to make this a very simple decision for you and not be over whelmed at all.

1. Your florist should be responsive to your initial inquiry within the first 24 hours.  You should not have to beg a company to take your money for their service.  The florist should be excited at the opportunity that you are giving to them.

2.  Your meeting with your florist should cover several things…a small education on flowers and what is in season for your wedding. The florist is the professional, you do not need to research what types of flowers are in season the time of year you are getting married.  This is very simple stuff for an experienced florist.

3.  You should have some idea of a vision before meeting with your florist, look on pinterest for general ideas, but then……let the florist expand on that idea in new and exciting ways.  Your florist is creative, let them shine in this area and see what they can do for you.  You florist should be showing you actual flowers, containers, candle holders and all the other items they can use to create your vision.  This should not be a pinterst slide show the entire meeting.

4.  Budget….this is a big one, have an idea of your budget before sitting down with your florist.  I always get the question, what is an average floral budget and the answer is there is no average.  Each wedding is unique and costs add up depending on guest count, bridal party size, ceremony locations and decorations needed, venue location and  decorations needed.   Your florist should be able to work with each clients individual budget with in reason.

5.  Last One and this one personally kills me……You should finish your meeting with a clear picture of what you are getting for the money your are spending in a easy to read proposal.  I see client after client that has met with florists and they walk out of the meeting knowing how much they have to spend but do not have a clear idea of what they will be paying for or receiving.

Bella Flowers has been customizing wedding for clients for the last 18 years and as the owner, I take pride in each and every wedding we produce.  I believe in educating my clients on what they are purchasing and giving them the overall look that they want at the least expensive price point.

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