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Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so why not go with happy colors for your color scheme? It’s hard not to smile at colors inspired by a Mexican fiesta, or an ice cream social, or a field of bright blooming zinnias. These bright colors are perfect for a summer wedding, but, hey, they work well for spring, fall, and winter, too! And depending on how you use them, these technicolor brights will look great in venues ranging from barns and backyards to country clubs and museums.

Brightly colored wedding themes look modern when paired with some of the new wedding trends. Big, bright blooms seem to naturally lend themselves to the loose, organic arrangements that are turning up in weddings all over.


Image via Brklyn View Photography


Image via Monica Roberts Photography


Image via Floret Farm

Loose, organic, and cascading bouquets are also becoming extremely popular.


Image via Brian Evans Photography


Image by Tami Melissa Photography

This amazing bouquet is tied by numerous colorful long ribbons—multiple layers of ribbons tying a bouquet, especially in complementary colors, is a popular new trend.


Image via Laura Hotz


Image via Monica Roberts Photography


Image via Paper Window Photography

Bright flowers look amazing when used in another wedding trend, the floral crown, or used as any hair adornment:


Image via Benjamin and Elise Photography


Image via Benjamin and Elise Photography


Image via Scott Clark Photography

But what about the rest of the wedding? Won’t bright colors be overwhelming? No! Not if done well by a skilled floral designer such as Bella Flowers. This monogram was a beautiful accent for both a ceremony and reception.


Image via Monica Roberts Photography

Another popular wedding trend is the “king’s table”—one long table instead of a head table surrounded by many small ones.  A bright color scheme keeps a long table from becoming repetitive.


Image via Lara Hotz Photography


Image via Brian Evans Photography


Image via Lara Hotz Photography


Image via Tami Melissa Photography

And, finally, no wedding is complete without the cake (OK, yes, I know many people have cupcakes or ice cream bars these days, work with me here! I had cupcakes myself at my wedding—but also a cake.) Wedding cakes decorated with real flowers are always special, and when decorated with such blazingly bright blooms as these, they can only be described as sublime.


Image via Pinkerton Photography


Image via ilovesmag


Image via Ely Fair Photography

So is there a brightly hued fiesta wedding in your future? Whatever color scheme you have in mind, Bella Flowers is here to help you design the wedding of your dreams. Give us a call at 631.271.7050 and make an appointment to discuss the most beautiful day of your life.