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There’s a big trend towards simplicity in weddings these days. Not everyone is looking for an elaborate wedding—after all, planning any wedding can be overwhelming when combined with the demands of everyday life. Simplifying the planning can be very freeing for a busy couple, and one way to do that is to cut the color scheme down to one major shade. Pink, blue, purple…whatever your choice, a monochromatic wedding can be stunningly beautiful, modern, and fashionable.

The current trend of white or neutral bridesmaid’s dresses ties in well with monochromatic flowers. White bridesmaid’s dresses can be stunning, especially in a summer wedding.

Neutrals are a perfect counterpoint to bright bouquets:


Image via Jono and Laynie 

Finally, neutral dresses paired with neutral flowers makes a beautiful bride and her bright bouquet stand out even more. Because, of course, it’s her day.

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Image via The Knot

Sticking to one color flowers doesn’t mean that you’re restrained to one shade of the color. This lavender bouquet of roses, peonies and freesia really pops against a similar shade of lavender bridesmaid’s dress:


Image via Aaron Delesie photography

Another trend that is still going strong is ombré, which can be used to impressive effect at the reception:

But in general, if you’re looking for simple and elegant at your wedding, one shade of one color makes a strong statement, such as in this bridal bouquet of sunflowers, black-eyed Susans and blanket flowers.

Or if you prefer red, blue, green, purple…there’s a bouquet out there for you.


Image via Buzzfeed


Image via Vitae Weddings

Finally, nothing is as classic or as spectacular as an all-white wedding.


Image via Happy Wedd

How do you feel about monochromatic wedding flowers? Love them—hate them? Give Bella Flowers a call at 631.271.7050 and make an appointment to talk about your beautiful wedding.