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This week we’re finally on the last of the great trifecta of spring wedding flowers: the tulip. Tulips are wonderful wedding flowers because they are so versatile—they can be the spectacular stars of any arrangement or bouquet, or they can be in a more humble supporting role. A simple tulip can be massed into an elegant bouquet, or a blowsy parrot tulip can be grouped into the most spectacular of arrangements. Because of forcing and greenhouses, tulips are available pretty much any time of the year, and their wide variety of color, from white to pastels to brights to purples so deep they’re almost black means they can work with almost any color scheme. The only color tulips don’t come in is blue, but there are many other blue spring flowers to take up the slack.

Here is an elegantly simple bouquet of peach bicolored tulips tied with a piece of cotton lace. Nothing else is required.


Image by Catherine Hall Studios

Or add a few more tulips to make a domed posy. Beautiful.


Image by Emily Dawn Photography

But you might prefer one of the fashionable cascading bouquets.


Image by Stephen Karlisch

Cascading bouquets are often charmingly vintage, but they can also be wildly sexy:


Image by Catherine Mac Photography

Or you could go with charmingly pretty (but still modern, with the addition of the succulents to cut the sweetness of the bouquet.)

Kate Gray Photography

Image by Kate Gray Photography

The simple nature of tulips makes them a great flower choice when flowers are there to decorate, but should not compete with the center of attention, such as during the ceremony.


Image by Kate Gray Photography


Image by Adrian Photographers

Tulips are also perfect for arrangements, either on their own or mixed with other flowers. Here some white parrot tulips look very modern in a simple low silver bowl.


Image by Miki and Sonja Photographers

The naturally cascading nature of tulips makes a spectacular tall arrangement.


Image by Jose Villa Photography

Or they also work well in more columnar arrangements.


Image by Gerber + Scarpelli

Tulips also work well as part of a large, lush arrangement.


Image by Jeremy Chou Photography


Ruffled - photo by http://lovebyserena.com - http://ruffledblog.com/oatlands-plantation-wedding-inspiration

Image by Love by Serena

If you love tulips and other spring flowers, or if you want something very different, or  aren’t yet sure what you want for your wedding, call Bella Flowers. We can help you design the wedding of your dreams.