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Everyone wants their wedding to be different, to stand out in the memories of their family and friends. Obviously the bridal couple (you) is gorgeous and deeply in love, your friends and family are the best, and the food and venue has to be special, whether it’s Coindre Hall, the de Seversky Mansion, or your back yard. But what else makes your wedding memorable? One way is to work in a few stunning showstoppers at the event, the kind that your guests and your Instagram followers will be talking about the next day and into the future. Now, you don’t want to go overboard, as what is fashionable today can look dated soon enough. In ten years or more you want to look back at your pictures and say, “Wow, what a beautiful wedding we had, and how happy and in love we were. Also, I was seriously hot!” You don’t want to say, “What was I thinking??”

Since this is a wedding florist’s blog, we’re going to stick to floral accents that can make your wedding memorable. But there are many, many other methods—you just won’t find them all here.

First, cascading bouquets—always a showstopper— are back, in a big way.


Brandi Smyth Photography

If you’ve chosen one of the newly fashionable vintage-style lace gowns, a cascading bouquet is a beautifully appropriate accompaniment. And they certainly make a statement.  With these narrower style dresses, a looser, more natural style bouquet that incorporates a lot of foliage—seasonal foliage is always appropriate—works well, as does the inclusion of other natural elements, such as the feathers in this bouquet.


Lauren Kriedman Photography

However, gowns with more voluminous skirts, and those with structured silhouettes like mermaid gowns can be paired with larger, more elaborate cascade bouquets.

structured bouqet

Photo by AMW Studios

For a total showstopper, nothing beats orchids. And a cascading bouquet such as this one will be remembered long beyond the day.


K&K Photography

Orchids are also showstoppers in centerpieces and other wedding arrangements. Check out this simple, yet stunning arrangement by Bella Flowers:


Amanda Picone Photography

Bella Flowers placed an explosion of tiny white Dendrobium orchids in a tall sparkling vase and surrounded it with candlelight to beautiful effect. For truly breathtaking centerpieces, mix masses of flowers or greenery with glimmering glass and set it off by candles.


Amanda Miller Photography

Cascading florals aren’t just for bouquets in 2016, they’re also a major trend in all wedding arrangements. Here Bella Flowers mixed cascading white orchids with greens to create a lush ceremony backdrop.


Ryan Jensen Photography

Cascading flowers are also beautiful in centerpieces and other reception arrangements.



One of 2015’s biggest trends is still going strong: the floral wall. The floral wall began when Kanye gifted one to Kim Kardashian for Mother’s Day a few years ago, and they repeated it on a larger scale for their wedding. Now, we don’t all have floral budgets over $100K, but there are ways to hack the idea for a normal person’s budget.  You can mix real and silk flowers, moss, and greenery to create the look of a “wall.” Here roses and vines are twined around a lattice for a ceremony backdrop.


Apryl Ann Photography

This beautiful floral wall mixes copious greenery with laser-cut gold letters to spectacular effect.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.erinjsaldana.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/romantic-organic-wedding-at-elysian-la

Photography by Erin J. Saldana

Another similar growing trend is hanging or suspended wedding decor.Here we see so many popular ideas—succulents, jewel tones, glimmering candles and glass, and, of course, the rustic suspended box.



Here a mix of lush roses and ivy and other greens is suspended in a raw industrial space, creating a site for a very modern ceremony.


Phil Chester Photography

Whatever showstopping elements you desire at your wedding, the professionals at Bella Flowers will be happy to work with you to create them.  Call (631) 271-7050 to set up your appointment.