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Winter is the most romantic time of the year, with the festivity of the holidays, the excitement of New Year’s Eve, and the romance of Valentine’s Day. It’s a season for cuddling before the fireplace with your special someone, or for snuggling in front of the TV before the Big Game. Most of all, it’s the season of snow. (OK, you may not be in an area that gets much or any snow, but work with me here.) Snowy wedding photos are the most romantic in my opinion.


James Christianson Photography

There are a lot of great practical reasons to get married in the winter. First, fewer weddings take place in the winter, so there’s less competition for venues and vendors. Your guests will be more excited about your wedding when it’s not one of four they’re attending that month, and it’s often just more fun to dress up in the winter. And planning the decor of your wedding in the snowy months can be quite easy when your best design element is right outside your windows. Stick to pale, muted, dark or jewel tones—you don’t want to look like you’re about to jump onto a pair of skis or as if you’ve gone total Disney. If you wanted just a little Disney, this would be a lovely way to do it for a winter wedding.


Alfred Angelo

And if you’re getting married in a ski resort, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the ski lift for some fun photos:


Rebekah Westover Photography

Snowy winter weddings can actually be surprisingly flexible. Don’t feel that sticking to a muted palette will excessively limit your options, you can express yourself in infinite ways while still featuring the gorgeous natural snowy decor.


Lauren Fair Photography


BB Shots Photography


Charise Photographers

Ruffled - photo by Rodeo and Co Photography http://ruffledblog.com/ice-castle-wedding-inspiration

Rodeo and Co Photography

Ruffled - photo by Lisa ODwyer Photography http://ruffledblog.com/elegant-colorado-winter-wedding

Photo by Lisa O’Dwyer

One thing a winter bride has to worry about that summer brides don’t have to consider is surviving the cold of her wedding day. It may seem odd to put something over a wedding gown, but it’s just another opportunity to have fun styling your wedding. If you’re not going to be outside for too long in bitter weather, a sweater, stole or shawl—maybe in one of the same shades as the wedding flowers—works beautifully.


James Christianson Photography


Tony Asgari Photography

Also adorable on flower girls.

Ruffled - photo by Lisa ODwyer Photography http://ruffledblog.com/elegant-colorado-winter-wedding

Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

And what little girl who once dreamed of being a princess on her wedding day wouldn’t want to wear a cape? (I know I did—then I got married in June. Oh well!)



But you and your guests can’t stay outside in the snow for long, and winter days are short. Once inside, keep the warm glow going with candles, lanterns and blazing fireplaces.


Photography: Beall + Thomas

utah table

Photo by Bruce Gardner

Rustic interiors like ski lodges are perfect for a snowy wedding, as they are warm, sophisticated, and romantic.

Ruffled - photo by Lisa ODwyer Photography http://ruffledblog.com/elegant-colorado-winter-wedding

Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

Rustic decor to get that ski lodge feel isn’t difficult; mix plenty of wood and and even bark with masses of candles and pale blooms. If it’s past the holidays and not yet Valentine’s you might want to skip red flowers and decor to avoid feeling like Christmas. Greens, however, still work well. Note the green tartan table runner and the green rock candy stirrers in the champagne glasses, mixed with gold candles and ropes of lights overhead.


Lauren Fair Photography

Also rustic was the cake from that wedding, adorably decorated with mini birds in nests, mushrooms and acorns.


Lauren Fair Photography

If you prefer sophisticated to rustic, or Disney to Fargo, it’s still easy enough to style a winter wedding. Talk to the professionals at Bella Flowers, and they can help you find the perfect balance to host the most beautiful winter wedding.  Call (631) 271-7050 to set up your appointment.


Rebekah Westover Photography