As we said a few weeks ago, metallics are a huge trend in weddings. Rose gold, a warm melding of copper and gold, is romantic, elegant, and pretty. Extremely popular in Victorian times, rose gold can have a vintage air, but it can also feel very modern depending on how it’s used.

This bride’s addition of a thin rose gold belt takes her lace and tulle gown from the simple to the sublime.


Eon Images

This bride’s spectacular crystal and rose gold bodice has been given a vintage feel with a Twenties lace headwrap, accented with rose gold crystals.


Pam Terpstra Photography

These bridesmaids in blush and rose gold sequins carry romantic bouquets of blush & white roses.


Rose gold isn’t just for the girls, this boutonniere is perfect for a rose gold theme.


Photo by Meredith Perdue

Rose gold, while softly pretty, still makes a strong statement. This can make choosing flowers tricky. However, you will never go wrong pairing rose gold with white, cream, blush or dusky pink roses and other blooms.


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These carefully chosen pastels will look lovely at a rose gold affair.


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This mixture of peach & dusky pink roses with white hydrangea would look wonderful set off by a warm rose gold table setting.


Photography: Michelle Lange

Sequins are another big trend, and these sequined rose gold tablecloths are fit for a princess—or a princess for the day.


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That’s not to say that you can’t have stronger colored flowers at your rose gold wedding, work with your floral designer to find the best shades to complement your palette.


Eternal Reflections Photography


Eternal Reflections Photography

Darker colors can also work well with a rose gold palette.


Tracey Brown Photography


Tracey Brown Photography

Rose gold also looks great with succulents, or as part of a Southwestern look.


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And finally, an absolutely incredible cake with rose gold metallic frosting, set off with rustic seedheads and white flowers.


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Bella Flowers can help you combine rose gold—or any other metallic or color—with some of the most beautiful flowers in the business. Let us work with you to make your most inspired dreams into reality. Call (631) 271-7050 today to set up your appointment.