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“Centerpieces” is the most searched term on this blog. Which makes sense—while the bridal party’s bouquets are near and dear to any bride’s heart, there are only a few bouquets compared to the numerous reception centerpieces. Unless you have thirty or so bridesmaids! (Imagine the logistics of getting that many maids to agree on anything. Horrors!)

The most important thing about any centerpiece isn’t how beautiful it is, it’s whether it will allow your guests to have the best time possible at your reception. A huge arrangement of roses and peonies can be beautiful, but if it prevents your guests from talking across the table during dinner, it’s not a successful centerpiece. So before you think about elegant vs. rustic, pastel flowers vs. brights, peonies vs. orchids, you need to choose: high centerpieces or low centerpieces. Or, if you can’t decide: both!

As you can see, this gorgeous orchid and hydrangea centerpiece is set high above the table, with nothing impeding the flow of conversation. That’s if anyone can drag their eyes away from those incredible flowers to actually speak to their fellow guests.


KLK Photography

Here’s another absolutely spectacular centerpiece, a mixture of low—the rose-covered pedestals—and high—the crystal vases overflowing with pink peonies with an amusing pink calla accent. And to the right you can see that the floral designers have mixed up the design with another arrangement on some of the tables. The second design incorporates tall cylinder vases with submerged petals and more of the pink peonies on top.


Event Sensation

Transparent vases or pedestals, whether glass, Lucite, or crystal, look beautiful, catch the light, and provide a sense of lightness to tall, heavy arrangements.


M. Benedicte Verley Photography/ Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design

While these centerpieces are amazing, your tastes (and budget) may be a bit simpler.  Here a tallish, but not enormous, mercury glass vase is filled with white roses, hydrangeas, and greenery. A tall glass candleholder in a similar shape adds interest.


Full Spectrum Photography

At this wedding the candleholders provided the height. Lavender petals surround the candles and echo the lavender roses in the low arrangements below.


Boston Avenue Photo Company

However, high arrangements don’t have a monopoly on the wow factor. This “low” centerpiece of roses, peonies and hydrangea in a gilded footed bowl is exquisitely beautiful.


Clouthier Photography/ Stoneblossom Floral and Event Design

Low arrangements are a natural for the rustic style. (OK, yes, terrible pun, but sometimes it’s hard to resist.)  Here ever-popular peonies, roses and hydrangeas, accented with fashionable succulents, are set in a simple wooden box that puts all the emphasis on the beautiful flowers.


Captured Photography by Jenny

Another wooden box is a natural for this arrangement of white, ivory, and palest pink with plenty of rustic greens.

rustic centerpie

Matt Edge Wedding Photography

Low, repeated arrangements suit this long, narrow reception table. Anything taller would look precarious. The floral designer varied the arrangements down the table to keep the look from getting too monotonous.


Theo Milo Photography

If you can’t make up your mind whether you’d prefer tall or low centerpieces…use both! It’s a great idea to mix up table arrangements, it gives a sense of energy to the room. This breathtakingly beautiful reception, in a venue overlooking the New York skyline, featured this design on some tables: a deceptively simple centerpiece of white roses and orchids surrounded by sparkling crystal and glass and accented with glowing votive candles.


Wayne and Angela Photographers

However, on other tables was this spectacular arrangement of the same roses and orchids, but here raised up in a high glass vase draped with crystal garlands.


Wayne and Angela Photographers

In another wedding recorded by the same photographers, the color scheme is similar but the mood is quite different. A playful white balloon hovers over an arrangement of white hydrangea and pale pink roses set high above the table in a mercury glass vase.


Wayne and Angela Photographers

On other tables the shape of the balloon is echoed in floral spheres set in mercury glass baluster vases.


Wayne and Angela Photographers

Whatever your preference in centerpieces, contact Bella Flowers and we can work with you to make your most inspired dreams into reality. Call (631) 271-7050 to set up your appointment.