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The holiday season is here—it’s hard to miss the relentlessly jolly Christmas music being played everywhere you go. If you’re engaged or planning a wedding it’s also hard not to be tempted by online images of chic brides photographed in snowy Christmas tree farms. But the line between chic and kitsch can be very fine this time of year. If you want an elegant holiday feel without going “Full Santa,” there’s no better way than using a palette of ruby red and white, with green as a complement.  Red and white roses, evergreens, berries, holly, luxuriant velvet ribbons—they’re beautiful, without the plastic Santa feel.

Red roses are a classic wedding flower for a reason: they’re always beautiful, always in style, and are incredibly versatile. They are never more perfect than at Christmas, whether alone, paired with other flowers, or mixed with greens, pine cones or berries in a lush effect. Here velvety red and creamy white roses, mixed with berries, perfectly set off ruby red bridesmaids dresses, while in the following image the bride’s bouquet of red roses and berries bouquet stands out proudly against the falling snow.



Craig Williams Photography


Craig Williams Photography

If you prefer a trailing bouquet, here’s a gorgeous example:


Helen Blatt Photography

When asked what she wanted to carry on her wedding day, this bride said, “I want a Christmas wreath but in a bouquet!” (As I’m already  married, I think I’m getting ideas for what to put on my door this year!)


Lux Photography/ Yorkshire Rose Florist

As they were just so adorable, here are the happy couple themselves:


Lux Photography/ Yorkshire Rose Florist

If the bride is carrying red roses, what could be more perfect for her maids than red dresses and white roses?



But wedding flowers are about a lot more than bouquets! This holiday wedding tablescape mixes red roses with evergreens, red candles, and a classic red and green tartan for a festive effect.


JoPhoto/ L.B. Floral

Here tall vases are filled with red berries, flowers, and evergreens:



A similar feel, but with the addition of white callas, roses, and other flowers:


Celebrate magazine

If you’re planning a holiday wedding, or a wedding at any other time of the year, contact Bella Flowers and we can work with you to make your most inspired dreams into reality. Call (631) 271-7050 to set up your appointment.