Tulips are a great flower to use in April for weddings.  They can be used for Bridal bouquets, Bridesmaids Bouquets, Centerpieces and Decor.  Tulips come in a range of colors and types from Elegant French Tulips to Holland Tulips.  Here are some photos of different types of tulip arrangements.

Bridal Bouquet with tulips mixed in…

All Tulip mixed Color Bridal Bouquet..

White Tulips mixed with White Lilac

Bridal and Bridesmaids with simple tulips clutches

Simple White Elegant Bridesmaids Bouquets…

Tulip Aisle Decoration….

Flower petal and tulip decoration aisle decoration…….

Tulip and Babies Breath Decoration for Church…

White tulips in a white birch container…

A bit more extravagant with tulips, peony, viburnum….

All French Tulips in Cylinder Vases..very extravagant

Tulips are so versatile from simple to over the top.

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