Lighting has a huge impact  on the ambiance of a room and Candle light can make all the difference.  If you are going for a classic look you want to stay with all warm amber tones.  If you are going modern you may want to use all brilliant blues and purples.  Here are some of Bella Flowers favorite looks…

The Classic’s….

winter 2




Vintage Spring Wedding Flowers in Season 5

winter 7

Tall rich colors centerpieces

A Modern Flair…


Use of blue lighting within a white wedding. Several different types of floral arrangements were used to accomplish this look: mixed smaller arrangements, tall glass cylinders with sprays of orchids, and opulent display pieces perched on top of pedestals


Beautiful lighting is essential when having outdoor events in the evening. Thank goodness the weather was perfect this night! -TD Bank's Annual Gala


Bella Flowers can help you decide your style and which direction you want to go, because there are so many beatiful ideas is hard to decide….


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