The bridal bouquet is the most intimate floral arrangement for the wedding and if you can’t afford many flowers, please do not skimp on the bouquet! The bride’s bouquet should be the largest and most spectacular bouquet in the wedding party. White is still traditionally the most popular color for the bride’s bouquet, but many different colors are used in weddings today for the bride and bridesmaids from soft pastels such as pale pink through to rich, vibrant colors such as hot pink, burgundy and violets. Ultimately, the choice of flowers for the bouquet depend on what you want, the style of your dress, your height and your wedding theme. It is recommended that you don’t finalize the bouquet until you have chosen your dress, because the two must match perfectly, and usually the larger the dress, the larger the bouquet.

So Please take a look at this years Top 10 Bridal Bouquet Choices…








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