Whether you are planning your 2015 wedding, or just don’t really know where to start, you need to know about next year’s wedding trends!  From bouquets to accessories to venue decoration, the 2015 trends are some of the best ever.  Because there are many new trends, we will round them up for you in two features.  This week, we will feature Theme & Décor, Colors and Floral trends.

Theme & Décor

The biggest trend in theme and décor for 2015 weddings is the bohemian-chic or rustic style.  The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere—kind of like bringing your family and friends together at home.  The focus of this theme is on long wooden tables instead of round ones and wooden chairs or benches, as well as white twinkly lights as a key element in decorating and creating this cozy environment.



Used together or separately, these are the trending colors for 2015 weddings: navy, cream & blush; sage & sandalwood; purple & yellow; sangria, silver & lavender; royal blue & kelly green; periwinkle & peach; pink, kahki & gray, gold & burgundy; shades of brown & ivory; coral, peach & power blue.





Floral trends for 2015 are also going to be of rustic and country inspiration – with floral arrangements and bridal bouquets composed of freshly picked flowers.  Using seasonal flowers remains a huge trend, as well as incorporating the season’s elements in the arrangements themselves: chestnuts, pine cones and acorns, if we’re talking about a fall wedding; or a wool-wrapped bouquet, when planning a winter wedding. For spring-summer weddings, the trend is the use of pastel colored flowers or total white.


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In next week’s feature, we will talk about the 2015 trends in accessories for the bride, the groom’s look and the wedding invitations.

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