One wedding idea we love for brides getting married between the months of December and February is a “winter wonderland” theme.  A winter wonderland theme is synonymous with romance, elegance, sophistication, softness, delicacy, and dreams.  This motif allows you to recreate the magic of a whimsical, frosty season at your wedding, regardless of what the climate is like outside.  Dangling crystals, frosted branches, white flowers, glowing candles, can all help evoke the feel of an elegant wintertime wedding.

The flowers for a winter wonderland wedding can vary. Full white bridal bouquets are popular, though a touch of color can make the bouquet stand out.  A cascade bouquet style can mimic a snowdrift, and crystal-wedding bouquets are popular floral alternatives that add to the wedding’s icy ambiance.  Holly or pine boughs are often the preferred greenery for winter wedding floral arrangements.

If you want to add a bit of color to your winter wonderland theme, you can choose icy shades of light blue, bright silver or gold.  For a more startling palette, you can chose midnight blue, emerald green, or ruby red as the primary color and accenting it with white or silver snowflakes.

Take a look at a few photographs that will inspire your winter wedding planning.

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