“Flowers are love’s truest language, and have the greatest talent in converting an ordinary place into a magical palace” – Author Unknown


Monochromatic weddings can be beautiful, elegant, and whimsical. One way to create this theme is to carry a monochromatic bouquet in the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Your bridesmaids can even wear different shades of the same color to create more interest in your monochromatic theme.

You don’t need a million colors to have a gorgeous palette–you really only need one. Your bouquets could be bright or pale, but either way the result can be stunning. A monochromatic bouquet makes a bold statement. Choosing flowers in the same hue makes any bouquet a sophisticated blend of textures and style.  Monochromatic bouquets are ideal for both formal and informal weddings both indoor and outdoors.

Want to use a monochromatic theme bouquet at your wedding? Here are some great reasons why you should:

  • These bouquets look great against complicated, frilly gowns.
  • A simple palette allows you to get creative with the type of flowers and leaves you add to the bouquet without going over the top.
  • A monochromatic bouquet looks instantly modern.
  • A monochromatic bouquet is easy to coordinate with other elements of the wedding decor.
  • You can easily mix a variety of different-sized flowers in your bouquet if they are all the same color.

These are just a few gorgeous arrangements that will leave your guests in awe and asking “who is your florist”. Any of these will look unpretentious but luxurious as well. Monochromatic bouquets are a great option not just for a wedding, but also for any celebration.

Are you tempted to go with a monochromatic bouquet for your upcoming nuptials? I am sure you are — there are so many hues and tints available in all colors of flowers and greenery — the options are endless.

Orange roses, spray roses and Dahlias

Orange roses, spray roses and Dahlias are gorgeous in this monochromatic bouquet

White Peonis with beaded stem detailing

White Peonis with beaded stem detailing

yellow ranunculus

This monochromatic yellow bouquet is created with yellow ranunculus and is collared off with scented geranium

red roses and black feathers

Monochromatic statement bridal bouquet with deep red roses and black-feathers

purple bouquet

This lovely purple bouquet is filled with lots of tints and shades of purple, as well as various textures and different flower shapes


Traditional monochromatic bouquet of pink peonies

wildflower monochromatic

Wildflowers monochromatic bouquet makes this a romantic and whimsical bouquet

bold and bright

Bold and bright, different coral blooms with texture

the pinkest of pinks

Deep and rich dark pink baby breaths makes for a stunning and whimsical monochromatic bouquet

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