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Nothing is more romantic than flowers. Flowers were so important in Victorian culture that they even had their own secret language. Some of the meanings of flowers are familiar, such as red roses signify romantic love. However, there is literally a special message behind every single type of flower.

Give your vintage themed wedding that authentic feel with vintage wedding flower arrangements.  Vintage themed flower arrangements embrace timeless glamor, grace and sophistication.

You may want a Victorian look for your vintage inspired wedding flowers while other brides may prefer the era of opulence with a Great Gatsby themed floral arrangements.  And why not, the 20′s are back with a vengeance! Cloche hats, feather accessories, parasols, the flapper rage, it’s all coming back, especially in wedding and party planning.  In today’s world where everything and everyone moves so quickly, it’s nice to revisit this era of romance, opulence and attention to detail.  That is exactly why a 20s themed vintage floral wedding arrangements inspired by The Great Gatsby is an awesome idea. Incorporating this theme into your flowers will make your wedding feel like it could take place in an era from the past.

Check out some of the Great Gatsby inspired floral arrangements:

Great-Gatsby 1 Great-Gatsby 2tall cream garden bouquet (2)Great-Gatsby 5 Great-Gatsby 6 Great-Gatsby-wedding-inspiration-Jordan-Weiland-03Bella Flowers would love to help you create beautiful wedding flowers for your special day.  Give us a call.  Your vision is our reality.