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There are many beautiful wedding flowers this year, and along with them come exquisitely designed centerpieces that will take your breath away. Have you thought about what kind of wedding flowers will inspire your centerpieces?

Candle laden tables are a magnificent way to illuminate colorful as well as pastel themed wedding flowers. One of our favorite centerpiece ideas is soft tea light candles paired with bold stark white or iridescent pink orchids.

Here are some extraordinarily captivating wedding centerpieces from Belle Magazine that will awe your guests!


Photo by Ruth Eileen

We love the idea of sweet exotic orchids hanging magically above from the centerpiece! It is an irresistible complement to almost any pigment of wedding flower!


Photo by Tim Otto


Photo by Krista Mason

Soak in these blossoming branches springing up from the bouquet!


Photo by Roey Yohai

Belle Magazine 1

Photo by Brian Hatton


When it comes to centerpieces there are so many incredible ways to make each table perfect!

Let us help you find your favorite centerpiece style at Bella Flowers!