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Pantone’s fashion color report is out and there are going to be some beautiful weddings this year!  Designers are seeing consumers looking for “a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium”. With that in mind, the 2014 color palette starts with soft pastels that can, not only stand on their own, but engage as neutrals (placid blue, violet tulip, and hemlock). At the opposite end of the color palette there are vivid, bright colors (cayenne, freesia, celosia orange, dazzling blue and the chosen 2014 color of the year, radiant orchid). Learn more about the 2014 Pantone color palette here.


How is this affecting the wedding industry and wedding flowers?  With a bit of research, we found answers for you.  Take a look at the popular pastels this season:

Placid Blue – Blue is a nice background when we look at it in nature. Found on Wedding Chicks, this bride chose it to be her main wedding color for her Georgia wedding and, as you can see in the photos, placid blue works well with every other color in the color spectrum.  The bridal bouquet pops nicely with both placid blue and indigo blue flowers. The tablescapes are similar colors with the wedding flower centerpieces containing pops of freesia and celosia orange colored flowers:

blueandwhiteweddingbouquet - weddingchicks

southernweddingideas1 weddingchicks blueandwhiteweddingideas1-weddingchicks blueweddingdecor weddingchicks blueweddingsash weddingchicks classicweddingideas weddingchickssouthernweddingideas weddingchicks blueandwhiteweddingcenterpieces weddingchicks

Photos by Jennifer Blair Photography

Violet Tulip – Considered a vintage color, violet tulip has a wistful nostalgia attached to it.  It, too, will stand all by itself or mix with the other colors in this year’s spectrum.  In the following photo shoot found on Style Me Pretty, you can see shades of placid blue mixed in, as well as the color of the year, radiant orchid:

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Photography by Mirelle Carmichael

Hemlock – The final pastel color on the new color palette is hemlock.  We expect to see this color paired with other colors in the new palette throughout the year, as it is very refreshing.  Although we were unable to find any real weddings using hemlock for their specific theme color, we were able to collect together a few dream boards from different sources.

The first one is from Culinary Crafts.  They used cayenne and freesia to add refreshing high energy and balanced it with the beautiful calming green of hemlock:


For photo credits, please visit Culinary Crafts

Southbound Bride created this dream board pairing hemlock with placid blue:



See Southbound Bride for photo credits

We added more flowers:

hemlock bouquets

Found on Love Wed Bliss

Wow!  This hemlock colored dress really makes the violet bouquet pop!  And notice how the background is placid blue.  It all goes so well together.


photo from www.brides.com

Next week we’ll explore the other end of the 2014 color palette.

We hope this helps give you ideas for your wedding day.  Bella Flowers would love to help you create your own unique wedding flowers for your special day.  Please give us a call.