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L & J 10 Lisa and Joe were married last November at the beautiful Giorgio’s.  They began dating in high school and were married a few years later on the very date they began seeing each other.  We loved their crazy superhero costume outbreak in the photos.  Be sure to  read their fun loving interview below.

Lisa chose deep wine-colored calla lilies for her bridal bouquet and offset it with creamy white and lavender calla lily bridesmaid bouquets.  They were quite beautiful!  Her aisle bouquets and wedding ceremony decor were tall silver vases filled with giant billowing clusters of white babys breath …. Reception centerpieces consisted of tall vases filled with long-necked white calla lilies rising above beautiful white hydrangea.   Lighthouse Photography did an absolutely fantastic job of catching not only the special moments, but every exquisite detail of their beautiful wedding flowers. L & J L & J 2 L & J 3 L & J 6 L & J 7 L & J 8L & J 12 L & J 9 L & J 11 L & J 13 L & J 14 L & J 15 L & J 16 L & J 19 L & J 22 L & J 23 L & J 25 L & J 27 L & J 28 L & J 29 How did you meet? Joe and I met about nine and a half years ago when I was working at a discount store. He was always the one to do something silly to get my attention and make me laugh. Joe couldn’t get up enough nerve to ask me for my phone number himself, so he asked our co-worker to get it for him. The night I gave him my phone number we talked on the phone for about five hours. We started dating a few weeks later on 11/17/04, exactly 9 years later on 11/17/13 we said “I do.”  That is so sweet!  Where did you go on your first date? I always laugh when people ask me this question. I was 16 when Joe and I met and if I were older and knew any better, I probably would not have gone on a second date with him after our debacle of a first date. Joe picked me up at my house and took me to the movies. His original plan was to take me to see Sponge Bob the movie, but to his surprise it was sold out when we arrived at the movie theatre. After sitting on a chair in the movie theatre lobby for about a half an hour he decided to take me to the local shopping mall. We walked around the mall for a couple of hours and then ended up at McDonalds, yes he took me to McDonalds on our first date. To top the date off, he thought it would be a good idea to take me to his house to meet his mom;  his poor mother was in her pajamas when we showed up. Even though I also joke about where he took me on our first date, there were a lot of laughs and I ultimately had a great time. How cute!  How did Joe propose? Joe proposed to me on 10/11/12. We were on a staycation from work that week and decided to take a trip into NYC. I had never been to Central Park before, so I asked him if we could go walk around the park. To my surprise when we got there he had set up a horse and carriage ride around the park. There were a dozen long stem red roses waiting for me in the carriage. We took our tour around Central Park, stopping at a few of the “landmarks”. Once our horse and carriage ride was over we took a walk over to Bow Bridge. The view from the bridge is so pretty!  We were just standing there taking it all in, when Joe turned around to ask a complete stranger to take a picture of us. We took the picture and I turned to go grab his cell phone from the guy and saw Joe down on one knee. I could’nt tell you what he said because I was so excited! The poor guy who thought he was just taking one picture of us ended up taking multiple pictures of him proposing. To me it was the perfect proposal, nothing to extravagant and low key. It sounds  like it was perfect!  If there is one thing you know you’ll never forget about your wedding day, what would it be? If I had to pick just one thing from our wedding day, I would say that I will never forget our “first look.” At first I was a little apprehensive about seeing each other before the ceremony but I am so happy that we decided to do it. Our photographer set it up so Joe had his back turned to me and I “snuck up” behind him. I will never forget this because it was such a special moment between just the two of us. Being able to really react to seeing him and his reaction to seeing me was priceless. I was extremely emotional and nervous all morning and seeing him before the ceremony put me at ease. I was no longer nervous and was just so excited to marry my best friend. What a very special memory.  Is there something you would do differently that you can share with other couples? Our wedding day was beyond perfect. If I had to pick something to do differently it would be to not stress over the little things. Leading up to the wedding I was worried about every little detail, including freaking out over the fact that the purple rose petals for the table didn’t exactly match the bridesmaid dresses. You (the bride) are the only one who will notice if the little details are off.  Some things just aren’t important enough to go crazy over. Thank you for sharing your advice.  Where will you go for your honeymoon? We unfortunately have not gone on a honeymoon yet. Joe got a promotion at his Job about a month before the wedding. He started a training program for his promotion, which will last for a year, the Wednesday after our wedding. During this training he’s not allowed to take any time off. I am currently researching places to go for our one-year anniversary/ honeymoon trip. I’m thinking two weeks in Fiji sounds good, he does owe me for making me wait a year 😉 We hope you have a very good time.  How did you feel about your flowers and working with Bella Flowers? I was absolutely in love with my flowers!  The bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and ceremony décor were all absolutely stunning. When I saw the way Cristina and the Bella Flowers team decorated the ceremony space, it took my breath away! Thank you, Lisa and Joe, for your very kind words as well as sharing your adorable love story with us.  We wish you a lifetime of beautiful memories together! If you need assistance in creating your wedding flower vision, be sure to give Bella Flowers a call.  We’re happy to assist you.