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I love to see how incredibly creative people are when it comes to their wedding flower centerpieces.  Maybe that’s because it is my passion, too.  Your wedding day is a great opportunity to share a part of your unique creativity with your guests.  To inspire the artist in you, we’ve collected a few ideas for you.

This first set of wedding flowers comes from Junebug Weddings‘ most popular pins:

Junebug Weddings 2 Junebug Weddings 3 Junebug Weddings 4 Junebug Weddings 5 Junebug Weddings 6 Junebug Weddings 7 Junebug Weddings 8 Junebug Weddings 9 Junebug Weddings 10 Junebug Weddings 11 Junebug Weddings 12 Junebug Weddings 13 Junebug Weddings

This next set of ideas for floral centerpieces is from Project Wedding:

Project Wedding 2 Project Wedding 3 Project Wedding 4 Project Wedding 5 Project Wedding 6 Project Wedding 7 Project Wedding 8 Anna Kuperberg Photography Project Wedding 10 Project Wedding 11 Project Wedding 12 Project Wedding 13 Project Wedding

Creative and beautiful!

Please check out Bella Flowers’ Pinterest boards for more great ideas

Bella Flowers is ready to help you get your creative juices flowing.  Please give us a call.  We’ll help you create your own unique wedding flowers for your special day.