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Danielle and Brandon 8“There are some moments you just wish you can have frozen in time. Our wedding day is one of them. Having all our friends and family together and seeing everything come together was so beautiful.”

Danielle and Brandon 9Brandon and I were engaged in May of 2011, and set our wedding date for September 21, 2012.  We knew we wanted something grand and opulent for our venue.  One day I googled “mansion wedding” and stumbled upon the de Seversky Mansion. The minute we saw it we knew we had to have it. It felt very homey and yet still had the grand opulence we wanted.  Everything was wonderful!

Danielle and Brandon 7 Danielle and Brandon 23 Danielle and Brandon 28 Danielle and Brandon 25Danielle and Brandon 20Danielle and Brandon 22My husband and I met Cristina from Bella Flowers in early February. We met with 3 florists and ended up going with Cristina. We sat and talked with her for a few hours, and she totally got our vision. I wanted Gatsby! …low wedding flower centerpieces (to be more affordable) and gorgeous wedding flowers.  De Seversky recommended us to her, because she is one of the house vendors. She knew the place, and that was important to us.  All of the wedding flower arrangements were gorgeous.  My husband and I loved Cristina, and she took the time to make sure we loved our flowers.

Danielle and Brandon 21Danielle and Brandon 19Danielle and Brandon 26

How did you and Brandon meet?
We were in the same 3rd grade class in elementary school.  We stayed acquaintances all through school and then went our separate ways.  After college we kept running into each other.  One day we decided to hang out, so we did and then went to the movies together.

How did Brandon propose to you?
We were in the kitchen preparing dinner after work.  I was rushing around, and from behind me Brandon said: “Do you love me?”  I thought it was a bit strange and wheeled around to see him kneeling on one knee.  He said: “Will you marry me?”  It was very random, and I didn’t expect it at all!  It seemed so unreal, so I said: “Are you sure?”  So he proposed again to me, and I said: “YES!”

Danielle and Brandon 24Danielle and Brandon 11Danielle and Brandon 10Danielle and Brandon 15Danielle and Brandon 12Danielle and Brandon 29Danielle and Brandon 18Danielle and Brandon 17Danielle and Brandon 14Danielle and Brandon 32Danielle and Brandon 31 Beautiful wedding photography by Joshua Dwain Photography.

If there is one thing you know you will never forget about your wedding day, what would it be?
There is SO MUCH… but the one thing I will NEVER forget is dancing with my Mom.  She was in a wheelchair, and she stood up to dance with me. (very special!)

Is there some sort of helpful advice you would like to share with brides?
Stick very close to your budget, and elicit help.  Don’t try to do everything alone.  That way you can enjoy your wedding day.

Thank you for sharing your sweet story with us Danielle.  We’re happy you loved your wedding flower arrangements and enjoyed being a part of your Moment Frozen in Time.  We wish you the best in your marriage.

Are you looking to have your own fairytale wedding?  Please give us a call.  Bella Flowers will help you put your vision of beautiful wedding flowers for your special day in motion.