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778 Narell 7963I will never forget the moment after we had just exchanged rings.  We were surrounded by so many friends and family members, but all I could see in that moment… was Dave…. I was filled with such joy and excitement, and as I looked into his eyes…. I knew Dave was feeling the exact same way.”

David and Jaclyn were married on a beautiful spring day in May at the gorgeous deSeversky Mansion.  When asked what she would never forget about her wedding day, Jaclyn answered the above words.

It was really fun to work with Jaclyn, and she was very appreciative.  They sent us a  nice thank you note letting us know how they felt about their wedding flowers:

Cristina and Ronny,

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing job that you both did on our wedding flowers.  From the beginning Cristina, you were amazing to work with.  Having no idea what I wanted, you helped me put together the perfect bouquets and centerpieces and put in a lot of time with my mother and I that day.  You even took the time to discuss our seating arrangements several times with Gabrielle and the staff at deSeversky to make sure everything was perfect which was truly above and beyond what many would have done.  Ronny, you were a pleasure to work with as well, in person and over the phone.  You were so helpful every time I called with a question or a last minute change.  Even your delivery staff the day of was great!  The end results were absolutely gorgeous!  Everyone raved over the beautiful bouquets and centerpieces as well as the ceremony decorations.We cannot thank you enough for all of the beautiful work you did to help make our day so special.  We’ll be recommending you to our friends with upcoming weddings.

David and Jaclyn Tafone

Thank you for your kind words, David and Jaclyn.

Their wedding was beautiful!  Elliot of Pro Line Studios captured the Mansion’s beauty, the wedding flower display and many special moments and expressions on Jaclyn and David’s very special day in his incredible photography.

011 Narell 7963048 Narell 7963We had a lot of fun with the wedding flower bouquets.  Jaclyn’s bridal bouquet was an elegant mixture of cream roses, mini white calla lily, stephanotis with crystal accents and white hydrangea.  Her bridesmaids were holding fresh spring clutch bouquets filled with light blue hydrangea, yellow roses and green mini hydrangea.

033 Narell 7963 106 Narell 7963 639 Narell 7963Sitting upon white columns on each side of the ceremonial wine table stood  luscious wedding flower arrangements made of yellow roses, white lilies and white dogwood flowering branches.  Coupled with the deSeversky garden view, it gave the area an outdoor spring feel.

739 Narell 7963Jaclyn and Dave trio 2316 Narell 7963 794 Narell 7963 771 Narell 7963 362 Narell 7963Jaclyn and Dave trio 1Although we accented the groomsmen with a single cream rose boutonierre, there was no need for Dave to wear one, as it would only distract from his handsome uniform.

632 Narell 7963613 Narell 7963Jaclyn and Dave double 1370 Narell 7963 663 Narell 7963Simple, yet elegant wedding table centerpieces consisting of a mix of cream roses, light blue hydrangea and mini green hydrangea sat on each of the reception tables.

872 Narell 7963 873 Narell 7963Jaclyn and Dave 4-pic 4 424 Narell 7963Beautiful mansion…Beautiful couple….great photographer!
Jaclyn shared their love story with us below:

How did you meet?
Dave and I originally met in 1998 when we were in the same fifth grade class.  After going to different high schools and going to college in different states, we met again in September 2010 at Pietro’s, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria that is owned by the parents of a mutual friend.  I was working there part time to supplement my teaching income and Dave helped out one night when they needed someone last minute.
Where did you go on your first date?
Our first date came shortly after we were reintroduced to one another.  Dave took me out to dinner at a steakhouse in the area.  I remember being so nervous the days and hours leading up to our first date.  However, once the date began, I immediately felt relaxed as we laughed and talked for hours over dinner and walking through town afterwards.  I knew I had found someone truly special after that night.
How did Dave propose to you?
Dave had been in Virginia at Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps during the winter of 2012 and I went to visit him several weekends during his training.  When I would visit, we would often go to the Marine Corps Museum in the area and afterwards we’d walk through the beautiful grounds and sit outside this chapel in the woods that I absolutely loved.  We had many talks about our future sitting there and I had even said that I wanted to be married in that chapel some day.  Dave returned to New York in April, but he and I would both be moving to Virginia for his next leg of training that summer.  On April 20th, we took a trip down to Quantico to look for a place to live.  Dave insisted on stopping at the chapel as soon as we got into town because he knew how much I loved it there.  As we walked around the grounds, to sit on our usual bench, Dave trailed a little behind me.  When I turned around he was down on one knee!
If there is one thing you know you’ll never forget about your wedding day, what would it be?
I will never forget the moment after we had just exchanged rings.  We were surrounded by so many friends and family members but all I could see in that moment was Dave.  I was filled with such joy and excitement and as I looked into his eyes, I knew Dave was feeling the exact same way.
Is there something you would do differently that you can share with other couples?
We absolutely loved our wedding and had such an amazing day but at times it was overwhelming to be pulled in so many different directions.  All of our vendors were awesome, and each of them did a wonderful job at their particular craft.  However, at the end of the night, Dave and I wished that we had had a chance to “take everything in.”  Our advice to friends who are now planning their weddings and to other couples out there is to make sure you vocalize to your DJ, Photographers, maître d’, etc. what you want throughout your wedding.  If you don’t want to take a picture at that particular moment, because you really just want to get food in your stomach, or talk to your relative you haven’t seen in a year, tell them that; it is your wedding day and they are your memories.  So if you want 10 more minutes before cutting the cake, or a break from the photographers, or you don’t want to be called out on the dance floor by the DJ, just say something.  Most vendors will be happy to oblige and help make your day as wonderful as possible.
Where will you go for your honeymoon?
We have not yet planned our honeymoon due to Dave’s training schedule with the Marine Corps, but we are hoping to go somewhere tropical for a belated honeymoon on our one year anniversary next May.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us, Jaclyn.  We’re happy we had a part in your beautiful wedding day and glad you were very happy with your wedding floral arrangements.  May you have many more happy memories together!

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