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Weddings are SO beautiful!  The choices and  possibilities you have before you to express you personality and creativity in your wedding flower designs are endless. It can be somewhat overwhelming – with all that you have to plan for your big day – to come up with your own individual floral palette to tie in your bridal bouquet, wedding table centerpieces and cake.  So we’ve gathered ideas for you to explore that will help you formulate your own ideas.

Below are a few ideas we ran across on Ruffled’s Blog:

Ruffled Blog 1 triphoto png
Photography by Kina Wicks

Ruffled Blog 2 triphotos
Photography by Rachel Thurston

Ruffled Blog 3 2 photos

Ruffled Blog 3 two photos 2
Photos by Gideon Photography

Style Me Pretty always has great weddings to view:

Style Me Pretty 1 tri photo
Photos by Caroline Ghetes Photography

Style Me Pretty 2 photos Style Me Pretty 3 trio
Photos by Calli B Photography

Style Me Pretty 4 trio
Style Me Pretty 4 2 pic
Photography by Erik Ekroth

With your vision and our skill & expertise, your dream can ABSOLUTELY become a reality.  Give me a call, and let’s chat.

Cristina ~