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As you experience the excitement of creating your wedding bouquet for your big day, don’t forget about your husband-to-be and his and groomsmen’s boutonnieres!!  While your bridal bouquet is the most important arrangement, your groom  can enhance it by mirroring one of the flowers in your arrangement; as if he picked it from there.  His boutonniere doesn’t have to be bigger, but it should stand out from the others. Boutonnieres are worn on the left side of the tuxedo or dress coat.

Here are a few beautiful pairings we found at Martha Stewart Weddings:

Martha Stewart Weddings 3 bouquet with matching boutanniereMatha Stewart Weddings 3 matching boutonniere
Photos by Jessica Antola

Martha Stewart Weddings 2 Bouquet with matching boutanniereMartha Stewart Weddings 2 matching boutanniere
Photos by Joielala Photographie

Martha Stewart Weddings 1 Bouquet with Matching boutanniereMartha Stewart Weddings 1 match Bouquet with Matching boutanniere
Photos by Laura Murray Photography

Arkansas Bride Magazine shared a few matches in their publication we thought you’d like:

Arkansas Bride Magazine 1dynamic-duosArkansas Bride Magazine 2 dynamic-duos

Arkansas Bride Magazine 3 dynamic-duos

Arkansas Bride Magazine 4 dynamic-duos

Arkansas Bride Magazine 5 dynamic-duosAbove images by Jason Masters

And last, but not least, we found some great pairings at a place called Style Motivation:

bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-1 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-2 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-3 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-11 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-14 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-15 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-18 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-39 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-41 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-46 bouquet-and-boutonnieres-style-motivation-51We hope you enjoy the photos and this helps you in your wedding planning process.  We’d love to help!  Please give me a call to set up a personal consultation, and we’ll get started turning your vision into a reality!