Deseversky Center Wedding

Flowers -Bella Flowers – A+
To be honest, flowers was really not something that I cared that much about. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted. I just cared that it was pretty and matched my “Gatsby” theme. No use freaking about flowers that only live a few days, lol.
My husband and I met with Cristina in early February. We met with 3 florist and ended up going with Cristina. We sat and talked with her for a few hours and she totally got our vision. I wanted gatsby! Low centerpieces to be more affordable and gorgeous flowers. I didn’t know much about the flowers but she gave us a lesson and told us what’s in season and what could work. de Seversky actually recommended us to her because she is one of the house vendors. She knew the place and that was important to us. All the flowers were gorgeous. I actually was told not to go with her through some of the LIwedding gals. I guess someone had a bad experience. But I guess we have to remember, not everyone will have the same experience with all vendors. My husband and I loved Cristina and she took the time to make sure we loved our flowers.


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